Lucas & Natalia

Since the beginning we were clear on our main goal: to offer our clients and their travellers an integral solution for the region. A project that encounters the best of our expertise as travellers ourselves, as entrepreneurs in our countries, and combines our one lifestyle, based on enjoying life and the world in its deepest, raw and real way.

We aim to show you our routes and itineraries through the eyes of a true local, a person that seeks to discover the cultures not only by the explanation of a guide, but also by the tailoring of a seamlessly experience that deepens in the essence of the people, their everyday lives and understand how they got there by learning their stories.

SUR is our soul as well as yours. SUR is a constant search for paths that will take us further into connecting with others. SUR is your peace of mind when your travellers start dreaming about coming to South America.

Lucas Lanosa

Natalia Ordoñez Durand

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